Happiness? When the war is over…

Kamal is a mathematician and enjoys playing the chess. He left Syria because of the horrible experiences he endured there in prison and hopes he gets the chance to finish his studies in Germany so that he can support his siblings still in the southern Syria.

Kamal11. 11. 2016

Nostalgia is not a refuge

I feel foreign again in this America, teetering on a political moment fraught with the ugliest overtones I have ever witnessed. I think of how to live in American anew.

Fatima Ayub8. 11. 2016

Sometimes they were like us… refugees

Sufyan from Pakistan shares with us his story on why he decided to leave his homeland, his experience in other countries, and why he changed his mind about education.

Sufyan7. 11. 2016


In all V4 countries we can see quite significant difference betweeen monthly earning of women and men. The regional average for average earnings is 18.7%. With the exception of Poland the gap in average earnings is higher than in the case of median earnings. The segregation of labour market plays its role here – the average earnings are increased by men employed in well-paid sectors (horizontal segregation) or on top positions (vertical segregation). The biggest gap in average salaries is in Slovakia and the Czech Republic – in both cases over 20% followed by Poland with 17% and the smallest gap is in Hungary – only 13%. For median data for only 3 countries are avaiable and the situation is quite different. The biggest gap is in Poland (22%) followed by Slovakia (17%) and the smallest in the Czech Republic.

Women earn less than men in the V4: A punishment for home and childcare?

The gendered discrepancies in earnings is significant in the V4. The causes of the pay gap are complex, reflecting a variety of problems both in national economies and societies.